Madison, WI

Our Management Team

  • Roy Elkins

    Roy Elkins

    Conference Creator and Organizer

    Roy Elkins is a well-known music technology entrepreneur who has been leading industry innovations for nearly thirty years.

    Elkins is the Founder and CEO of Broadjam Inc. , serving independent musicians and many industry giants., the company's popular independent web site now hosts over 170,000 artists and 700,000 songs has become one of the most influential music sites in the independent music world.

  • Vannessa Rodello

    Vannessa Rodello

    Event Producer

    Vannessa has been organizing professional conferences and events for more than two years and has spent a lifetime planning parties and events for herself, family, and friends.

  • Corey Whitmore

    Corey Whitmore

    Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, DJ

    Corey Whitmore has been involved in the music business for almost 15 years in a number of different capacities. During this time, Corey has functioned as a CEO/Owner of an independent label, Music Program Coordinator/Instructor, Artist, and freelance Engineer, Producer, Songwriter and DJ.

  • Amber Swenor

    Amber Swenor

    Marketing Extraordinaire

    Amber Swenor is the founder of Strategic Partners Marketing, a marketing agency in Madison, offering brand strategy consultation, social media, digital strategies and PR. She created Amberdella Consulting to help fellow entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with marketing. When she's not strategizing with clients, you'll find her rocking the stage with her band, Morningstar.

  • Steve Foldvari

    Steve Foldvari

    Marketing Manager

    Steve Foldvari is a marketing executive with extensive experience across all facets of the marketing spectrum. Steve has spent 30 years with Fortune 500 companies, most recently in the audio production industry, designing, strategizing, and executing B2B and B2C campaigns.

  • Jim Remsik

    Jim Remsik

    CTO of Operations

    A world-renowned hugger, conference organizer, community instigator, and speaker, Jim has spent a decade building teams for other people prior to founding Adorable. He is a problem-solver and connector of people with a varied background that includes: apprenticing with a printing company, driving stock car, and photographing weddings.

  • Rick Tvedt

    Rick Tvedt

    Finance Team Leader

    Rick Tvedt is the founder, former Executive Director and current Treasurer for the Madison Area Music Association. He also runs Local Sounds Magazine. Rick is a CPA working with several nonprofits and individuals.

  • Teri Barr

    Teri Barr

    Conference Promotions

    Teri Barr is a multimedia feature writer, radio host, and award-winning journalist. She is known for turning her storytelling skills into the type of expertise needed today for content, social media, and public relations. She has work appearing regularly in local and regional publications, along with news and webcasts at the national level. If she is not working on a project, she may be banging on her drums or supporting the music of others, hunting for the best beach with her husband Brian, or snuggling with one of their three cats: CBGB, Whisky a GoGo, HarrieYeti-Boo-Boo-Kitty.

  • Kelly Rauwerdink

    Kelly Rauwerdink

    Design & Development

    Full of the dickens, design, art and lowbrow humor. Kelly is a multifaceted player on the Adorable team ready to provide talents in the realms of UX/UI, front-end, and illustration. She lends her unique perspective from years in theater and fine arts to the digital stage. When not poking web dragons, she enjoys the finer things like hot dogs, couches and naps.

  • Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant

    Grant Facilitator

    Michael Bryant is a marketing and product management executive with over two decades of experience in managing and bringing products to a world-wide market. He is an award-winning composer, performer, recording engineer and the co-author of two books on digital video and audio production.

  • Mary Elsner

    Student Engagement Coordinator

    Mary Elsner, Professional Development Manager for Wisconsin School Music Association, is responsible for the planning and implementation of the educator professional development and student enrichment opportunities available through the Wisconsin School Music Association.

  • Luke Jorgensen

    Luke Jorgensen

    Festival Lead

    Luke has been a part of the Madison music scene for over 15 years, working with local artists as both a musician, promoter and audio engineer. In 2013 Luke created the Whiskeyonsin Family Reunion. An annual one day music festival celebrating Madison and Wisconsin made music. Luke also performs in a local band called The Lower 5th and can be seen playing out in the Madison area regularly.